1. Uniqueness of Palatal Rugae Pattern for Human Identification in Saudi Population Using Computerized Barcoding system-Phase 2 Dr Ali Azhar Dawasaz
  2. Relation of maxillary sinus to maxillary second and third molars Dr.  KAMRAN BOKHARI SYED


  1. Relationship between BMI and  Periodontal Diseases in Saudi Patients Attended the College of Dentistry, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia           Dr.Hossam Eid
  2. Preliminary study on dentists’ and undergraduate students’ perception and safety measures toward the use of dental amalgam in Abha dental clinics       Dr Ali Azhar Dawasaz
  3. The shear bond strength of resin veneered in flourosed teeth Dr. Wafa Hassan Alaajam
  4. Tooth Colored Post Systems: Literature Review Dr. Mohammed M AL- Moaleem
  5. Clinical evaluation of inlay retained bridges  Dr. Mohammed M AL- Moaleem
  6. Study motives and future career aspiration among senior Saudi dental students      Dr. Mansoor Shariff
  7. Possibility of using oral micro flora in fetus Sex identification of pregnant women. A novel approach Dr.Hossam Eid
  8. Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth: Material review Dr. Mohammed Al-Moaleem
  9. A cross sectional survey among dentists about use of silver amalgam in dental clinics Dr. Syed MD Yaseen


  1. Clinical and microbiological evaluation of the effect of surgical periodontal procedures and third molar extraction in management of distal periodontal pocket of restored second mandibular molar. Dr. Mohamed M. Al-abdaly
  2. Bonding performance of self-adhesive composites to enamel and dentin following ph cycling" Dr. Khalid m abdelaziz
  3. Parental knowledge, attitudes and practice about oral health in elementary school children, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia"  Dr. Nasim V. S.
  4. Evaluation of Different Obturating Techniques in filling artificially created Internal Resorptive Defects Dr. Suheel Manzoor
  5. Clinical evaluation the effect of surgical crown lengthening (SCL) on gingival tissues after prosthodontic procedure on Saudi patients in Assir region of Saudi Arabia.            Dr. Mohammed M.  Al-Abdaly
  6. Assessment of tooth preparation of abutment teeth receiving different types of full coverage retainers Dr. Shalabh Chauhan            
  7. Radiographic analysis of root canal treatment performed by undergraduates in college of dentistry, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia        Dr. Shoaib Ali Shaik
  8. Use of radiographic and bone charting in the assessment of periodontal diseases in KKU dental clinics Dr. Mohamed Fadul Abdel Gader
  9. Incidence of Maxillofacial Injuries  In Asir Region Saudi Arabia ”  Dr Kamran Bokhari Syed
  10. Orthognathic surgery norms (cogs) in asir population – a lateral cephalometric study ”        dr. Abdelbagi mustafa
  11. the effect of topical application of photo sensitizer solution with (Fotoscan)® on sub-gingival microbiota in management of chronic periodontitis for orthodontic Saudi samples” Dr. Mohammed M. Al-Abdaly
  12. An Evaluation of Awareness, Prosthetic status and Treatment Needs Amongst The Adult Population Living In The Assir Province of Saudi Arabia-A Survey      Dr.  Alok dwivedi
  13. Formocresol use and other pulp therapy medicaments  among dentists in Saudi Arabia ( A survey study)"            Dr. Wafa Alaajam
  14. Mobile Phone as a carrier of Nosocomial Infections. Identifying the risk among the practitioners of the dental school. Dr. Nasim V. S.
  15. Effect of Myrrh Oil Plant of  Aseer Region on Selected Periodontopathic Bacteria-In vitro study Dr. Hossam A. Eid
  16. Influence of personality on tooth shade selection Dr. Satheesh HB
  17. Relationship between bone loss and gender in periodontal diseases of patients attending King Khalid University dental clinics” Dr. Mohamed Fadul Abdel Gader
  18. Influence of functional head postures on the dynamic functional occlusal parameters”       Dr. Satheesh HB
  19. Efficiency of dental students of King Khalid University using dental cements Dr. Khalid M. Abdulaziz
  20. Alveolar ridge resorption after tooth extraction in diabetics  Dr. Hossam A. Eid
  21. Prevalence of malocclusion in a selected population of Aseer region Dr. Shaheen V.S.
  22. Prevalence of Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation (MIH) in 7-10 years old school children in Southern Saudi Arabia – A Cross sectional study”  Dr. Zakirulla M
  23. Hypocalcified auotosomal recessive Amelogenesis Imperfecta- A case report”        Dr. Zakirulla M
  24. "Bilateral double teeth in primary dentition: A case report."  Dr. Zakirulla M
  25. A rare case report of bilateral ectopic development of permanent second premolars. The Dental Follicle”  Dr. Zakirulla M
  26. “Malocclusion in deciduous dentition of Saudi children: A cross-sectional study”  Dr. Zakirulla M
  27. Dentigerous cyst in children: case report and outline of clinical management for pediatric and general dentists” Dr. Zakirulla M
  28. Pulse oximetry-working principles in pulpal vitality testing.” Dr. Zakirulla M
  29. Laser Assisted Photodynamic Therapy –The Future of Endodontics"Dr. Zakirulla M
  30. Digital evaluation of functional occlusion parameters and their association with temporomandibular disorders Dr. Satheesh B Haralur
  31. Student perception about efficacy of preclinical fixed prosthodontics training to facilitate smooth transition to clinical context " Dr. Satheesh B Haralur
  32. The use of animal model heads for demonstration and training of periodontal surgery techniques among undergraduate dental students of KKU         Dr. Mohamed Fadul Abdel Gader
  33. " Dental appointment and dental recall protocols in King Khalid University, college of dentistry " Dr. Ravi Kadur Sundar Raj
  34. Patient satisfaction towards orthodontic services in KKU"   Dr. Ibrahim Alshahrani
  35. Comparative blood glucose by using gingival capillary blood and finger stick method Dr. Mohasin Abdul Khader
  36. Comparison of TENS and splint therapy in the treatment of TMJ Disorders Dr. Ibrahim Alshahrani
  37. Effect of passive smoking on gingival pigmentation in Saudi children, Aseer region, KSA”           Dr. Hossam A. Eid