1. Influence of cementing materials and storage conditions on final shade of prep-less ceramic laminate veneers Dr.  KHALID M ABDELAZIZ
  2. Biomedical waste management awareness among the dental technician’s in Abha city Dr  Satheesh   B Haralur
  3. Biomedical waste management awareness among the dental health providers in College of dentistry, King Khalid University  Dr  Satheesh   B Haralur
  4. The clinical and radiographic effects of hypothyroidism on gingival tissues and alveolar bone density       Dr. Mohammed Ajmal
  5. opinion of primary school principals on effectiveness of school based oral health program in Abha city, Sudi Arabia Dr. Shreyas Tikare
  6. Strategic assessment of use of Student response system CLICKER in under graduate courses of College of Dentistry in King Khalid University-KSA     Dr. Sultan Mohammed Kaleem
  7. Oral health status of Children in juvenile correctional center in Abha, KSA  Dr. Faisal Awad Ibrahim Idris
  8. Relationship between BMI and  Periodontal Diseases in Saudi Patients Attended the College of Dentistry, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia           DR. MALIK MAHMUD IQBAL HOSSAIN
  9. Relationship between BMI and  Periodontal Diseases in Saudi Patients Attended the College of Dentistry, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia           DR. MALIK MAHMUD IQBAL HOSSAIN
  10. Prevalence of gingival recession in Saudi adolescents females, Aseer Region, KSA DR. Hossam A. Eid
  11. self-perceived oral health among adults in the kingdom of saudi arabia -an online survey:  yhya hdban al-asere
  12. Microleakage in composite restorations immersed in Saudi cultural-based mouth rinse Dr.  Khalid m. Abdelaziz
  13. Fracture resistance of ceramic crowns supported with indirect composite cores       Dr.  Khalid m. Abdelaziz
  14. Attitude and Practice of Infection Control among Dental Students In college of Dentistry  Dr.  Shaik Mohammed Asif
  15. Evidence based management of diabetic patients needing extractions reporting to oral surgery clinics at college of dentistry, King Khalid University Dr. Fawaz Abdul Hamid Baig
  16. Management of asymptomatic impacted third molars at College of Dentistry, King Khalid University-developing a contemporary clinical treatment protocol          Dr. Fawaz Abdul Hamid Baig
  17. A   novel  technique of fabricating  a modified removable provisional prosthesis over a autologous  bone grafted maxillary anterior edentulous segment prior to implant placement    dr. Leoney.a
  18. Hinged single piece putty index for preclinical  demonstration  of tooth preparation for fixed partial  dentures and crowns      dr. Leoney.a
  19. Clinical ,radiological  and questionnaire study on patients treated with fixed partial dentures and crowns in fixed prosthesis clinic,college of dentistry,KKU ,ABHA      Dr. Leoney.A
  20. Assessment of Oral hygiene status and Periodontal health of special schools in Asir region, KSA. mentally and physically challenged children attending             Dr. Mohasin Abdul Khader
  21. Prevalence of congenitally missing permanent teeth in Aseer region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia     Dr. Nasim V. S.
  22. Prevalence of undiagnosed Diabetes Mellitus and Intermediate Hyperglycemia in patients requiring extractions at College of Dentistry, King Khalid University Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim
  23. Maxillary over denture supported by customized implant abutment- a case report   Dr. Leoney A.
  24. Mental foramen position among Saudi population: A radiographic study     Dr. Abdulaziz Shahrani
  25. Clinical, radiographic and questionnaire study of failures of fixed partial dentures/crowns fabricated in fixed prosthodontics clinic in college of dentistry, King Khalid University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Dr. Leoney A.
  26. In vitro study of the external & internal anatomy of lower premolars among Saudi people in Aseer           Dr. Wafa Hassan Alaajam
  27. Self-reported medical conditions/diseases in patients visiting periodontal clinics     Dr. Javali Mukhatar Ahmed  
  28. Microleakage of esthetic restorations following functional simulation and immersion in Saudi-traditional mouth rinses    Dr. Khalid M Abdelaziz  
  29. Patterns of impacted lower 3rd molars related to post-operative complications for patients treated at KKU, COD 2013-2014         Dr. Mutassim Elnagar  
  30. Oral Health Knoweldge  ,attitude and practice amonge KKU female students ( A survey study)   Dr.  Kawthar Ahmed Dafaalla
  31. Structural Analysis of Hard Structures of Teratomatous Teeth Obtained from Mature Cystic Teratoma of the Ovaries Dr. Syed Sadatullah
  32. A comparison of two pain scales in the assessment of dental pain in Saudi population Dr. Muhammed Ajmal
  33. Evaluation of flexural strength of carbon, quartz and glass fiber based posts Dr. Krishnarao Kilaru
  34. Push-out bond strength of ceramic inlays cemented with contemporary resin cements Dr. Ashraf A. Khalil
  35. Evaluation of indirectly polymerized composite restorative  Dr. Khalid M Abdelaziz  
  36. The role of buccoverted maxillary third molar in the development of temperomandibular disorders           Dr. Fawaz Abdul Hamid Baig
  37. The effect of orthodontic treatment on TMJ  Dr. Abdulaziz Alshahrani
  38. Facial Dimensions & their significance with dental measurement     Dr. Mansoor Sharief.