1. Prevalence of implant treatment in Aseer  Dr.  Mohamed Alfarsi
  2. Effect of carbonated beverages on primary and permanent tooth enamel Dr.  Nasim V. S.
  3. Retention of teeth versus extraction and implant placement in esthetic zone: treatment preference among dentists in Abha city Dr.  Mohammad Alqarni
  4. Awareness of ECO-Dentistry among KKU-COD faculty and students, comparison study Dr.  Mohammad Alqarni
  5. Periodontal status among mentally disabled patients of different  age groups in Rehabilitation Center in Abha City Dr.  Mohammed M. Alabdaly
  6. Comparative Radiographic Study Of Crown Root Ratios In Abutment Teeth In Normal Patients And In Patients With Type Ii Diabetes     Dr.Leoney
  7. he effect of ethnic on severity and prevalence of periodontal disease in female patients living in Abha city, Saudi Arabia Dr.  Mohammed M. Alabdaly
  8. Awareness Of Medical Emergencies Among Dental Students In Aseer Region Dr Muhammed Ajmal
  9. Assessment of relation of inferior alveolar nerve canal with impacted mandibular third molars: A retrospective radiographic study.  Dr. Mohamed Zahir Kota
  10. Relationship between psychological stress and recurrent aphthus stomatitis.      Dr. Muhammed Ajmal
  11. Mystery of elusive canals  dr.  Suheel manzoor
  12. Effect of lateral displacement on survival of teeth restored with different post-core-crown systems Dr. Khalid M. Abdelaziz
  13. Reliability of follicle-crown ratio in detection of pathology associated with impacted mandibular third molar         Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim
  14. Influence of dowel space diameter on survival of restored teeth under lateral displacing forces            Dr. Khalid M. Abdelaziz
  15. The bond strength of the denture teeth to the polyamide denture base and to the conventional heat cure base Dr. Sharaz Shaik
  16. Effectiveness and factors affecting school oral health referrals among primary school children in Abha-Khamis, Saudi Arabia       Dr. Sheryas Tikare
  17. The effect of accelerated aging on the color stability of various adhesive techniques using composite luting cement Dr. Satheesh B. Haralur
  18. Correlation of oral hygiene status & periodontal health and halitosis in out patients, KKU-COD Dr. Mohasin Abdul Khader
  19. Evaluation of micro leakage after packing class II composite restoration with incremental and bulk fill technique  Dr.  Mohmmed Abdulkader
  20. Bonding bulk-fil composites to pre-conditioned dentin surfaces using self-etch, 1-step adhesive Dr. Khalid m. Abdelaziz
  21. The Prevalence of chronic Periodontitis among Females in Abha Dr.  Amel  Ibrahim Faragalla
  22. Change in glycemic level in diabetic patients before and after extraction of teeth under local anesthesia. Dr.  Fawaz Hamid Baig
  23. To Determine The Association Between Antero-Posterior Position Of The Jaw Bases And Soft Tissue Profile Among The Saudi Population Of Aseer Region   Dr.  Ibrahim Al Shahrani
  24. Validity of objective test in evaluation of the success rate of INAB Dr.  Adel Alobaid
  25. Fracture resistance of the fiber post and core system with the post 2mm short of the occlusal surface with the post extended till the occlusal surface. An in vitro study Dr.  Sharaz Shaik
  26. Patient`s treatment need in College of Dentistry at KKU. A retrospective study           Dr.  Shaalabh Kumar
  27. Prevalence of smile line, gingival biotype, tooth shape and the interrelation in Saudi population.          Dr.  Nabeh Alqahtani
  28. Oral hygiene status of prosthodontics patients wearers   Dr.  Asim Alsir Mahdi
  29. Influence of experience on the success of IANB Dr.  Adel Alobaid
  30. Assessment of subgingival temperature in health and disease of the periodontium Dr.  Javali Mukhtar Ahmed
  31. Evaluation of the effect of exercises to relieve musculoskeletal pain occurring in dental practice Dr. Angeline Deepthi
  32. Evaluation of the effect of colour to alter the psychologic state of individuals  Dr. Vinod Babu Mathew
  33. Evaluation of the effect of colour to alter the psychologic state of individuals  Dr. Vinod Babu Mathew
  34. Complication and patient satisfaction associated with removable dentures and their relation to oral health quality of life (OHQOL) Dr. Mansour Sariff
  35. Adherence of Candida Albicans on new denture base materials Dr. Mohamed Khalid Addas
  36. Knowledge and Interest in treating Gingival Recession: a questioner based study among Dentist in Aseer region in Saudi Arabia.  Dr. Mohamad Yunis Salemm Bhat
  37. Prevalence Of Medical Conditions Among patients visiting  Dental School In Asir Region, Saudi Arabia: A Retrospective Study Dr. Mohammad Shahul Hameed