1. Tracking of Halitosis in Premenstrual Symptoms Patients Using Smart Phone App Technology – An Exploration of Possibilities Dr. Syed Sadatullah
  2. Assessment of subgingival temperature in health and disease of periodontium Dr. Javali Mukhtar Ahmed
  3. Assessment of smile arc and its perception in Saudi females Dr.  Ibrahim Al Shahrani
  4. Wits and ANB: Are they related?      Dr.  Ibrahim Al Shahrani
  5. Knowledge and awareness of dental caries among Saudi female medical undergraduates.  Dr. Shugufta Mir
  6. A comparative study of radiographic methods on dental age estimation in Saudi children. Dr.  Syed Mohammed Yassin
  7. Incidence of thyroid dysfunctions among female patient in Aseer region Dr.  Farheen Ustad
  8. Knowledge, awareness and attitude 0f oral health practice in pregnant women in Aseer region  Dr. Angeline Deepthi
  9. Effectiveness of school oral health referrals and factors affecting dental attendance among female primary school children in Abha- Khamis, Saudi Arabia Dr.  Shreyas Tukare
  10. Critical evaluation of class II amalgam preparation done in preclinical by dental students-A retrospective cross sectional study. Dr.  Vinod Babu Mathew
  11. Role of direct visual fluorescent examination (VELscope) in screening for oral cancer among Saudi female dental patients. Dr.  Shruti Dutta
  12. Dental anxiety among health profession students.Dr.  Frheena Ustad
  13. Healing of periapical lesions of endodontically treated teeth in diabetic patients over a span of 4 years.Dr.  Abdulaziz S. Abu-Melha
  14. Determination of new anatomical landmarks- A paradigm shift in orthodontic diagnosis and analysis of anteroposterior jaw discrepancies- A prospective cross sectional clinical study.Dr.  Ibrahim Al Shahrani
  15. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice regarding Systemic effects of Periodontal Disease among the Medical Practitioners in Aseer RegionDr.  Mukhatar Ahmed Javali
  16. Prevalence of Distal Caries in Mandibular Second Molar Due to Impacted Third Molar Teeth Dr.  Kamran Bokhari Syed
  17. Effect of Root Tilt on Fracture Pattern of Abutment Teeth with Different Post-Core Systems.Dr. Ashraf A. Khalil
  18. Anxiety due to dental treatment and procedures among female university students and co-relation with their field of study  Dr. Angeline Deepthi
  19. Prevalence and severity of chronic periodontitis in female patients in Abha region- a cross sectional study" Dr.  Nabeeh Alqahtani
  20. incidence of distal cervical caries in second molars associated with impacted mandibular third molars in multinational female patients attending king Khalid university clinics Dr.  Farheen Ustad
  21. Correlation between BMI, daily sugar intake & dental caries in Saudi children attending pedodontic clinic at KKU, Abha    Dr.  Malaz Mohammed Elrafie
  22. Dental Students and the Claims that Camels are the Animal MERS-CoV Reservoir Dr Wafa Alaajam
  23. Salivary 1,5-anhdroglucitol and vitamins (A,C and E) as metabolomics and antioxidant predictors for dental caries in Saudi children. Dr. Syed Sadatullah
  24. Prevalence and distribution of selected dental anomalies in Saudi children in Abha, Saudi Arabia”           Dr. Syed Mohammed Yassin
  25. Patient`s awareness and perception of professionalism and ethics in dentistry Dr. Abdulaziz Alshahrani
  26. Platelet concentrates: Envisioning their role in periodontal regeneration Dr. Shaeesta Khaleel Ahmed Bhavikatti
  27. A comparative study of oral health knowledge, attitude and behavior of first and final year dental undergraduates of KKU, Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dr.  Shugufta Mir
  28. Attitude & knowledge towards tooth avulsion among teachers of primary schools in Aseer region            Dr.  Farheena Desai
  29. Is the use of prophylactic antibiotic justified for extraction in healthy patients? Dr.  Farheen Ustad
  30. Awareness about OMFS as a specialty in health care professionals and students. Dr.  Mohammad Zahir Kota
  31. Prevalence of gingival inflammation in pediatric patients attending King Khalid University- College of Dentistry Dental Clinics. Dr.  Mohammad Fadul A. Elagib
  32. Effect of different dressing agents on bonding strength to various luting cements.Dr.  Satheesh Haralur
  33. Patient`s attitude and awareness of analgesics and antibiotic use in Saudi Arabia.Dr.  Muhammed Ajmal
  34. Effect of dentin age on microleakage of Low-shrinkage resin Composite Dr. Ahmed Abd El-Aziem Saleh
  35. Influence of resin adhesive curing modalities on the repair bond strength of silorane based- composite Dr. Ahmed Abd El-Aziem Saleh
  36. Influence of dentin age on shear bond strength of silorane based- composite Dr. Ahmed Abd El-Aziem Saleh
  37. Morphologic variation in root canals anatomy in mandibular first and second premolars in patients in Aseer region. Dr. Suhail Manzoor Baba
  38. Survey to Assess dental students` knowledge and inquisitiveness towards cone beam computed tomography in King Khalid University, Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Hussain Almohiy
  39. Prevalence of full crown restoration of endodontically treated teeth in students and interns dental clinics od King Khalid University. Dr. Adel Mustafa, Dr. Khalid Bedier
  40. Prevalence of cancelled and filled appointments of cases of endodontically treated teeth after pulp extirpation in students and interns dental clinics od King Khalid University. Dr. Khalid Bedier,  Dr. Adel Mustafa
  41. Use of green tea extract as an irrigant. Dr. Shafaitullah
  42. Evaluation of the success rate of proximal posterior composite restorations. A one-year retrospective clinical follow up.        Dr. Vinod Babu Mathew
  43. Fracture resistance of implant-abutment interface- an in vitro study Dr. Mansoor shariff
  44. Evaluation of attitude and awareness about denture cleansers among dental graduates Dr. Saurabh Chaturvedi
  45. Evaluation of fear in children attending dental clinics using a pictorial rating scale  Dr. Nasim V. S.
  46. Reducing Non-Show Rate Among Dental Patients With Appointments At Armed Force Hospital  Dr. Sana Mofleh ALshahrani
  47. Learning strategies of Oral Histology among KKU dental students Dr. Salma Abubakr Abbas Ali
  48. Evaluation of Dental Anxiety in children attending dental clinics using a rating scale         Dr. Nasim V. S.
  49. Determinants of Dental Health Care seeking behavior in Abha, Aseer region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Dr. Salma Abubakr Abbas Ali
  50. Gingival tissue status and the patients’ satisfaction on anterior labial gingival color among Yemeni patients in Abha city of Saudi Arabia Dr. Mohammed MA Abdullah Al-Abdaly
  51. Evaluation  of gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) volume by  (Periotron 8000) ® inYemeni qat chewing samples Dr. Mohammed MA Abdullah Al-Abdaly
  52. caries detection in adult female patients: A comparative evaluation between visual and radiographic methods in detecting caries       Dr. Vinod Babu Mathew
  53. caries detection in adult patients: A comparative evaluation between visual and radiographic methods in detecting caries           Dr. Vinod Babu Mathew
  54. Comparative evaluation between visual method and siroinspect light in their sensitivity to differentiate infected and affected dentin. A clinical trial study.  Dr. Vinod Babu Mathew
  55. Microabration and bleaching in treatment of dental fluorosis Dr.Kawthar Ahmed Dafaalla
  56. Bonding of different composites to carisolv treated cervical tooth cavity using self etching adhesive. Dr.Kawthar Ahmed Dafaalla
  57. Benefits and drawbacks of bulk-fill composites        Dr. Khalid M Abdelaziz
  58. Awareness and knowledge of the dental practioner on dental x-ray methods, hazards and prevention techniques       Dr. Angeline Deepthi
  59. Determination of prevalence of type of soft palate in saudi sub-population using digital impression. Dr. Saurabh chaturvedi
  60. The impact of the patient's strain on microbial factor of periodontal diseases among patients in Aseer region, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Mohammed MA Abdullah Al-Abdaly
  61. Evaluation of attitude and awareness about denture cleansers among dental graduates and practitioners in Aseer region. Dr. Saurabh chaturvedi
  62. The effect some restorative dental materials on  severity of gingival disease and accumulation of dental plaque  among adolescents Saudi patients in Aseer, Saudi Arabia    Dr. Mohammed MA Abdullah Al-Abdaly
  63. he effect of casting ring liner length and dampness on the marginal accuracy of full crown castings.          Dr Satheesh B. Haralur
  64. Effect of segmental inadequacy of ferrule on fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth   Dr Satheesh B. Haralur
  65. Knowledge and Attitude of General Dental Practitioners towards Forensic Odontology (Khartoum State)            Hind Ahmed Osman Elhag
  66. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of The General Medical Practitioners towards Oral Cancer       Hind Ahmed Osman Elhag
  67. Influence of surface chemical conditioning on bonding orthodontic brackets to fluorosed enamel. Dr. Ibrahim Alshahrani
  68. Relationship between dental malocclusion with parent’s educational status Dr Muhammed Ajmal
  69. Abrasive Effects of three different materials on tooth enamel:An In vitro Scanning Electron Microscope Study. Dr. Mukhatar Ahmed Javali
  70. Screening of  male patients in a KKU COD using the Prosthodontic Diagnostic index Dr.Sharaz
  71. Clinical effect of Argan oil on treatment of chronic periodontitis     Hind Ahmed Osman
  72. Knowledge of Paramedicals  towards oral health care of  hospitalized patients in Abha Amel Ibrahim Faragalla
  73. Oral Health Knowledge and Attitudes Among Primary School Teachers in the Twin City of Abha-Khamis, Saudi Arabia   Dr. Shreyas Tikare
  74. Knowledge of Dental Interns about the use of oral hygiene aids: Cross sectional (one point in time) survey             Dr. Shahabe Saquib Abullais
  75. Critical evaluation of Bovine Derived Xenograft (Bio-Oss) in the treatment of human Periodontal intrabony defects: A systematic Review            Dr. Shankar T. Gokhale
  76. Prevalence of pulp changes in patients with systemic disorders in Aseer region- Saudi Arabia        Wafa Hassan Alaajam
  77. Evaluation of load distribution in distal extension removable partial denture with peek framework material. - a finite elements analysis study. Dr. Mohamed khaled Addas
  78. Association between dental caries and body types among school children in Abha, Saudi Arabia  Rafi Ahmed Togoo
  79. Crowding, Spacing and Closed Dentition in Primary Dentition and Its Relationship With BMI Among Saudi Children.         Rafi Ahmed Togoo
  80. Orthognathic surgery norms (COGS) for Southern Saudi Arabia population Kamran Bokhari Syed
  81. Problem Based Learning versus Lectures: A Comparison of Performance Based on Examination Results of Graduate Students in KKUCOD       Dr Abdelbagi Mustafa
  82. A comparative study of oral health knowledge,attitude and behaviour of first and final year dental undergraduates of KKU,Abha,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Shugufta Mir
  83. Clinical and microbiological effect of Diode laser (910 nm )in  reduction of deep periodontal pockets Dr. Amel Ibrahim Faragalla Yaagoub
  84. Self-inflicted skin injury related to erupting  maxillary central incisors- A-Case report  Dr. Amel Ibrahim Faragalla Yaagoub
  85. Gingivitis artefacta minor secondary to poor endodontic treatment to a primary molar - A case Report Malaz Mohamed Elrafie Mustafa
  86. using of formcresole among dentist is it stopped?     Kawthar Ahmed Dafaalla
  87. Medical and Dental Rehabilitationof esthetic and Biologically Compromised case. Kawthar Ahmed Dafaalla
  88. Knoweldge and practice of oral health amonge  female students in typa university. Kawthar Ahmed Dafaalla
  89. Prevalence of congenitally missing premolars in Abha city,Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia:Can early treatment make a difference       Dr.shabina shafi
  90. Panoramic assessment of radilucent and radioopaque lesions of the jaws of patients visiting KKU-COD. A 5 year retrospective radigraphic study.  Dr. Kamran Bokhary
  91. The efficacy of Articaine, Lidocaine & Mepivacaine for extraction of maxillary teeth using single, buccal, vestibular infiltration technique for administration of local anesthesia          Mohammed Hassan Babikir Ali
  92. The Prevalence Mesiobuccal Second Canal On Maxillary First Molar With Cusp Of Carrebelli In  Asser Region Saudi Arabia   Dr. Mohammed Abdul Kader M
  93. Success and survival of dental implant in diabetic patients: A systematic review     Dr. Shahabe Saquib Abullais