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  3. 2-year clinical trial of deep posterior composite restorations placed with three different restorative techniques;Fariha Naz
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  13. The effect of caffeine on local Anesthesia onset and efficacy;Adel Alobaid
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  37. Do dentist leaves  teeth in open drainge? Kawthar Ahmed Dafaalla
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  43. knowledge , attitude & practice of saudi parents towards their children's oral health. Malaz Mohamed Elrafie Mustafa
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  69. The influence of iatrogenic factors and dental management on periodontal tissues among patients of intern dental clinics in King Khalid University;Mohammed MA Abdullah Al-Abdaly
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  76. Knowledge about antibiotic prescription among dental undergraduate students in KKU;SANDEEPA.N.C.
  77. Determining The Validity And Reliability Of Dentopapillary Complex In assessing The Gingival Biotype During Implant And Esthetic Rehabilitation – An In-Vivo Study;;Nabeeh AlQahtani
  78. Oral health knowledge of pregnant women about pregnancy gingivitis and children oral health in Aseer region, Saudi Arabia ;Rafi Ahmed Togoo
  79. Reliability of Nolla's method in dental age assessment of Saudi children and its comparison with chronological age ;Rafi Ahmed Togoo
  80. Preventable diseases vaccination: Dentists’ awareness in Aseer Region,Saudi Arabia;Rafi Ahmed Togoo
  81. The relationship between altered level of estrogen and TMD;Hussain Almubarak
  82. Gingival Depigmentation using Conventional Surgical Technique Versus Laser Assisted Surgery- Case Series;Saad M. Al-Qahtani
  83. Relationship between Frequency of Tooth Brushing and Periodontal Health;Saad M. Al-Qahtani
  84. Non nutritive Sucking habit: Prevalence among Saudi preschool children and Mothers attitude;Rafi Ahmed Togoo
  85. Relationship of caries risk assessment and changes in salivary pH in non-carious 3-6 year old Saudi children;Rafi Ahmed Togoo
  86. Effect of different light condition on visual shade matching and its comparison with instrumental shade matching.;Muhammad Farhan Khan
  87. Age and Reason of first dental visit of children in Southern Saudi Arabia;Rafi Ahmed Togoo
  88. Students and interns opinions about success rate of inferior alveoloar nerve block during surgical and endodontic procedures;Rafi Ahmed Togoo
  89. Fracture resistant of cad-cam fabricated peek post-core system.;khalid m. Abdelaziz
  90. The effect of organic solvent conditioning on bond strength of peek to resin cement and acrylic resin.;khalid m. Abdelaziz
  91. Awareness of children guardian about dental trauma;Kawthar Ahmed Dafaalla
  92. Effect Of Icon In Removal Of Opaque Spots;Kawthar Ahmed Dafaalla
  93. Comparison of the effectiveness of a commercially available herbal mouthrinse with chlorhexidine gluconante at periodontal patient ;Weam Sharif Abdelrazag Ibrahim
  94. Oral health status and treatment needs of children with Sickle cell disease ;Rafi Ahmed Togoo
  95. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Patients towards Orthodontic Treatment in Aseer region ;Salem Al-Moammar
  96. Correlation between the preferred chewing side and the handedness ;Satheesh B. Haralur
  97. Bizygomatic width in female facial attractiveness to smile esthetic evaluated by eye tracking;Shaheen V.S
  98. Development of an objective index for gingival biotype based on dento-papillary complex measurements;Nabeeh.A.Alqahtani
  99. Antibacterial Effect of Herbs (Garadh) on Endodontic Microorganisms;Adel Saeed Alobaid
  100. Effect of different layering techniques on shear bond strength of hybrid and Nano hybrid composite resin ;Abhilash AbdulLhateef
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  102. Influence of chemical conditioning on PEEK bonding to resin-based restorative materials.;KHALID M ABDELAZIZ
  103. Study of Dental Pulp as an identification tool;;Hitesh Vij
  104. The effects of altitude and hypoxia on post-extraction socket wound healing;samuel e. Udeabor
  105. Prevalence of commonly found pathoses in mandibular posterior region based on panoramic  radiographs in kkucod;usha balan
  106. Ethical issues and dilemmas encountered among dentist in saudi arabia and kuwait;sandeepa.n.c.
  107. Ergonomic considerations in Diagnosis of CTS in College of Dentistry, King Khalid University, Abha –Saudi Arabia.;SULTAN MOHAMMED KALEEM
  108. Scanning Electron Microscope analysis of surface enamel of primary teeth in Type I Diabetic children;;Syed Sadatullah.
  109. Comparative evaluation of efficacy of two caries detection techniques for the detection of remining caries after clinical excavation;mohammed abdul kader m
  110. Efficacy of 4% articaine for pulpal anesthesia as a subperiosteal buccal injection;;fawaz abdulhamid baig
  111. The effect of anti-epileptic drugs change as adjunctive therapy in management of gingival enlargement;mohammed ma abdullah al-abdaly
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  114. Maxillary second molar with two separated palatal roots: case series;wafa hassan alaajam
  115. Reliability and validity of light based screening techniques in detection of premalignant lesions.;sultan mohammed kaleem
  116. Fibrin glue versus gum arabic in conjugation with bone grafting in    treatment of intra-bony defects ;amel ibrahim fragalla yaagoub
  117. The occurrence of dental trauma and the use of mouth guards as a preventive strategy among male school going children in abha-khamis, saudi arabia;alezi-braimoh ifindon eroje
  118. Sealability of two different adhesive sealers used with two different rotary systems;mohamed i. Elshinawy
  119. The effect of patient`s partners oral health awareness on priodontal tissues of some special needs adult patients in a rehbilitation center, aseer region.;mohammed ma abdullah al-abdaly
  120. Type and reasons for dental trauma in deciduous teeth of children in aseer region of saudi arabia;rafi ahmed togoo
  121. Evaluation and comparison of antibacterial activity against perio-pathogenic bacteria of different plant extracts: a microbiological study;shabe saquib abullais
  122. Periodontal status among miswak users in asir region, saudi arabia;saad m. Al-qahtani
  123. Children’s perception of their dentists. Happier times in dental clinics ;rafi ahmed togoo
  124. Effect of different cavity cleansing on shear bond strength of esthetic restorative materials;ahmed abd el-aziem saleh  
  125. Effect of different polishing system on bacterial adherent of esthetic restorative materials;ahmed abd el-aziem saleh  
  126. Significance of assessing salivary biochemical parameters as an alternative to serum in hemo dialysis patients: a single centre experience ;sandeepa.n.c.
  127. Effect of holy basil on aphthous ulcers;muhammed ajmal
  128. Effect of gum arabic on tooth  sensitivity following root planing- a clinical trial ;amel ibrahim faragalla yaagoub
  129. Denture hygiene knowledge of denture wearers and its relation with socioeconomic status and educational level of denture wearer.;muhammad waqar hussain
  130. The effect of consepsis ® topical application as adjunctive therapy in management of periodontal pocket among patients with old class ii amalgam fillings;mohammed ma abdullah al-abdaly
  131. Efficacy of cinnamon and ash on tooth whitening;khalid m. Abdelaziz
  132. Correlation between facial measurements and combined mesio-distal width of maxillary six anterior teeth in saudi population.;Muhammad waqar hussain
  133. Imaging techniques for dental implant placement.;muhammad waqar hussain
  134. Dermatoglyphics: a genetic marker of early childhood caries;rafi ahmed togoo
  135. Shear bond strength of orthodontic attachment bonded to impacted teeth underin vivo and vitro conditions;salem almoamar
  136. Impact of tooth loss on cognitive impairement in saudi female population ;Sandeepa.n.c.
  137. Comparison about white and microabration in treatment of fluorosis;Kawthar ahmed dafaalla
  138. The association between obesity and periodontal disease;weam sharif abdelrazag ibrahim
  139. Evaluation of the levels of trace metals in serum and saliva among diabetic patients;vinod babu mathew
  140. Effect of different layering techniques on shear bond strength of hybrid and nano hybrid composite resin -an invitro study; Abhilash abdullhateef
  141. Evaluation of awareness, demands and expectations regarding dental implants in patients reporting for the replacement of missing teeth to king khalid university college of dentistry clinics; Fahimullah khattak