College of Dentistry won the first place in the University Awards for excellence in community service

College of Dentistry received three awards from the King Khalid University for Excellence in academic year 2016/2017. It received the first rank in the Excellence in Community Service (Institutions) branch, as well as second place for the student excellence (Male), and second place also the student excellence (female).
Thanks to Allah, this is not the first time that the college has received this award. It has previously been awarded second place in the branch of excellence in community service (institutions). This is evidenced by the college's continuous its mission and its duties to develop its students and develop their abilities, scientific and clinical skills, and provide their services, awareness and educational, which is in the interest of community service and citizen.
King Khalid University's goal of excellence is to constantly motivate its faculty members, employees and students, as well as to instill a culture of excellence, to spread the concept of quality and to seek constant development and attention to the active members of the university community. Support them and provide a supportive and attractive environment for them.


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