The College of Dentistry Strategic Plan


The College of Dentistry strategic plan 2021-2026 is founded on the King Khalid University Institutional strategic plan reflecting Islamic core values of Justice, Consultation, and Equity. The College's strategic plan sets goals and strategies for excellence in teaching and training, research, patient care, and community services.

Strategic Plan Implementation Process

The strategic plan is set to accomplish the College goals and the shared goals of the institute. The College will take the following sequential steps in realizing its goals.

  1. Define the goal and strategies.
  2. Identify the resources needed to achieve the goal.
  3. Develop timelines for tasks.
  4. Assign roles and responsibilities to team members.
  5. Establish key performance indicators for measuring success.
  6. Monitor progress and adjust the plan as needed.

Strategic Plan Theme

Strategic plan


Goal 1: To produce general dentists and specialists who fulfil national requirements.

Goal 1 Purpose: To ensure our graduates acquire the required knowledge, skills, and values

Goal 1 Strategy:

  • Instill ethical, professional, and Islamic values in graduate and postgraduate students.
  • Update and integrate core knowledge in the basic and theoretical courses and technical skills in clinical courses.
  • Evaluate student performance in courses by a structured evaluation process and clinical competency assessment.
  • Facilitate scientific research and scholarly pursuits for postgraduate students.
  • Recruit & retain qualified and experienced faculty to improve the student-to-staff ratio.
  • Upgrade campus facilities for faculty, students, and staff.
  • Continually improve faculty skills in teaching and training through faculty development programs.
  • To sponsor distinguished dental graduates for future KKU faculty positions
  • Establish an alumni unit in the College.

Goal 2: To establish the College as a major center for advanced oral health research.

Goal 2 Purpose: Increase student and faculty research activity and publications

Goal 2 Strategy:

  • Support and encourage intern, postgraduate, and faculty research activities.
  • Improve equipment and facilities for research.
  • Provide funding for advanced research projects and promote innovations & patents.
  • Make interns & postgraduates aware of research opportunities & provide faculty guidance.
  • Expand research collaboration with national and international institutions.
  • Develop a reward system matching with research output.
  • Retain faculty with exceptional research capabilities.

Goal 3: To promote an effective and broad-based community oral health program

Goal 3 Purpose: To promote oral health education and decrease the incidence of dental diseases in the region

Goal 3 Strategy:

  • Organize outreach programs in schools, social centers, and in the community at large.
  • Encourage faculty and student involvement in outreach programs.
  • Work with external partners to provide educational materials and oral health care information to the community.
  • Provide on-site treatment to communities during dental outreach programs.

Goal 4: To provide comprehensive dental care in the region

Goal 4 Purpose: To establish the college as a regional referral center

Goal 4 Strategy:

  • Provide high-standard patient care services with our graduate and postgraduate curriculum.
  • Provide comprehensive care options to all patients.
  • Increase the number of clinics and laboratories.
  • Incorporate the latest technologies in patient care services.