Dean's Message

Welcome to the College of Dentistry at King Khalid University! 
It is an honor to represent 150+ faculty and staff who serve our institution through teaching, patient-care, community services, and research activities. The College of Dentistry at King Khalid University (KKUCOD) is an exciting place to be- a place of education, transformation and innovation.

We continuously put forth more effort to advance while upholding a set of clearly established core values and the aspirational goal of KKUCOD. 

We know that maintaining this momentum, while continuing our mission of improving the oral health of Saudi Arabia through education, research, patient care, and community services requires hard work.

Fortunately, we are competent of accomplishing this goal because, we have a responsibility to our previous, current and future students and trainees, to our patients, to the faculty who have built their careers here, to the hard-working staff who keep our operations running, as well as the local community.

While patient care and teaching remain to be the major foci of our core operations today, we also have a very efficient and highly focused research program.

For those of you visiting our website as a potential student, a potential patient, or for another reason, know that KKUCOD is focused on education and service, and our faculty and students are known for their professionalism and clinical skills. 

Prof. Dr. Mohammed AlQarni