Students Club

Co-curricular activities are an integral part of our institution where students are self-reliant and involve themselves exceptionally in sports arts and cultural events. The Dental Club at King Khalid University aims to be the ideal environment in containing and developing students’ curricular and extracurricular skills in line with the college’s vision and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The Dental Club team at King Khalid University also aspires to be an addition to the college system in a way that serves students scientifically, practically, and on the psychological level.

To be distinguished in what we do and always provide benefit and enjoyment to everyone.
1. Organizing various activities that highlight the efforts of club members in the areas in which they excel.
2. Discovering student talents and nurturing the gifted.
3. Creating the appropriate environment for students to develop their abilities and skills, exchange experiences among them, and work to encourage, support and honor them.
4. Participation in various events internally and externally.

Duties and tasks:
1. Preparing a plan for the club that includes all the proposed activity programs during the semester.
2. Prepare the club’s budget.
3. Follow up on the implementation of the plan after its approval by the Deanship of Student Affairs at the university.
4. Following up on administrative matters related to the club’s activities (following up financial advances - finalizing procedures for participation...etc.)
5. Preparing the annual report of the club’s activities.
6. Encouraging innovation among students, paying attention to student talents, highlighting them, and honoring members and collaborators participating in club activities.
7. Forming student committees from club members to perform tasks related to club activity.
8. Contributing to the implementation of the club’s programs and discovering new distinguished members in the field.
9. Participate in club activities and interact with its programs.
10. Providing proposals to improve performance.

Since its inception, the club has achieved many achievements in various scientific, cultural, educational and sports fields.
One of the most prominent events held by our club was the Career Horizons event, which in itself supported the graduation year students and helped them express themselves and specialize more to the visitors at Moujan Mall.
Also, the Saudi National Day event to express the country and its love and the cultural heritage event, which aimed to highlight various cultures and urge all students, doctors and professors to highlight their ancient heritage and show it to everyone through traditional costumes and popular foods.
The club also held an oral and dental health event, which aims to raise awareness among mothers, children, and society in general about the importance of maintaining oral and dental health, using motivational and visual means that supported better communication of the idea.
“Gratitude Day” event provides thanks and appreciation for helping dentists for their efforts.
The "Drawing a Smile" event, which is a visit to the nursing home (social care home), aims to educate them about oral and dental health and bring them joy.
In conclusion, what distinguishes our club is the activity of its students and their continuous endeavor to show activities at their best and provide unique events that enjoy and benefit participants and attendees alike.