College PLOs


K1. Demonstrate critical knowledge of the biomedical, technical, and dental sciences and the normal and abnormal variations of the craniofacial complex relevant to clinical practice.

K2. Integrate the fundamental principles of infection control, occupational hazards, prevention, and patient safety into contemporary dental practice and scientific research



S1. Implement problem-solving and critical thinking to diagnose, manage, and treat oral and systemic conditions, complications, and emergencies.

S2. Demonstrate skills to access, critically analyze, and communicate scientific literature in providing evidence-based oral health care and conducting scientific research.

S3. Use advanced techniques to document and correlate medical, oral, and radiographic findings to develop differential and definitive diagnosis and formulate comprehensive, patient-centred treatment plans for patients of all age groups and types.

S4. Apply essential practical and clinical skills to demonstrate effective manual dexterity in using materials and instruments safely to deliver interprofessional comprehensive patient care and manage clinical emergencies by adhering to regulatory guidelines and infection control procedures.

S5. Communicate effectively with patients, their attendants, and other healthcare professionals using appropriate oral health promotion and delivery methods.

S6. Utilize contemporary digital technological tools for research, informatics, and documentation in dental practice management. 



V1. Employ the principles of ethics, responsible citizenship, and respect for diversity in providing oral health care services by adhering to the latest legal and national regulatory policies.

V2. Integrate professionalism, autonomy, accountability, lifelong learning, effective teamwork and workplace self-assessment for disease prevention, treatment, and oral health promotion. 

V3. Apply the principles of leadership, entrepreneurship, time, and resource management in general dental practice.