Expanding Access to Dental Care for Special Needs Patients at Abha Rehabilitation Centre

A program has been launched with the aim of providing essential dental treatment services to patients with special needs at the Rehabilitation Center in Abha.

The program, operating on a weekly basis every Monday, brings together a dedicated team comprising 8-12 intern doctors and 2 faculty supervisors. Their mission: to extend basic dental treatments, including oral prophylaxis and restorations, to individuals with special needs.

For those requiring advanced treatments, seamless referrals are made to KKUCOD clinics, ensuring that every patient receives comprehensive and specialized care.

Since its inception in January 2023, the program has successfully treated 27 patients, thanks to the active participation of 30 intern students and 7 experienced faculty doctors. The response from the recipients of the program has been overwhelmingly positive.

An in-depth evaluation of feedback from program beneficiaries revealed no identified problem areas, reinforcing the effectiveness and impact of this community services initiative. This positive reception motivates the team to continue their valuable contributions to the community.

As of now, this program stands as an ongoing beacon of hope, bridging the gap in dental care accessibility for individuals with special needs at the heart of Abha.

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