Periodontics & Community Sciences

About Department

Division of Periodontology

Division of Periodontology prides itself with a grand and impressive infrastructure for the Undergraduate training program, patient care, and for various research activities in the field of Periodontology with state-of-the-art equipment.

Division of Community Dentistry

Division of Community Dentistry has faculties trained in Community Dentistry from reputed international universities to share their expertise to students. Training in Community Dentistry mainly focuses on preventing oral diseases and promoting oral health. Undergraduate students are offered an extensive training in research methods which can help solving oral health problems in the population. An exclusive hands-on training in biostatistics using contemporary software analysis tools offers our students a best understanding of the subject. Outreach programs using mobile dental unit gives our students a unique opportunity to work in a field setting. 

Courses taught in BDS program
  • PDS 441
  • PDS 542
  • PDS 543
  • PDS 613
Procedures done by the students under the faculty supervision in Division of Periodontics
  • Scaling and Polishing
  • Root planing
  • Local drug delivery
Student activities under faculty supervision in Division of Community Dentistry
  • Recording of Dental Indices
  • Preparation of Educational Posters, Brochures and PowerPoint Presentations
  • Oral Health Education and Screening for school children
  • Data Collection and Statistical Analysis
  • Preparation of Scientific Report
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