Successful Oral Health Education Program at Altawheed Intermediate School, Abha

In a commendable effort to enhance oral health awareness among children of  Altawheed Intermediate School in Abha, KKUCOD hosted a two-day community program. The initiative, organized by 31 male students from level 16, aimed to educate and screen the oral health of students.

Day One: Screening and Referral

On the first day, a total of 215 children underwent oral health screening conducted by 31 dedicated male students under the supervision of four faculty members. The screening identified children in need of dental treatment, who were then provided with referral forms to visit KKUCOD clinics.

Day Two: Interactive Education Session

The second day of the program featured an engaging oral health education session. Utilizing PowerPoint presentations, posters, and tooth models, students received valuable insights into maintaining optimal oral hygiene. This interactive approach aimed to make oral health education both informative and enjoyable for the children.

Positive Feedback and Program Success

The community program received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the recipients. A detailed evaluation of the feedback revealed no problem areas, indicating the success of the initiative. The KKUCOD expressed satisfaction with the turnout and the impact the program had on raising awareness about oral health among the children.

This successful endeavor showcases the power of community engagement in promoting essential health education. The organizers are hopeful that similar initiatives will be implemented in the future to further benefit the community.

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