Successful Dental Health Initiative Benefits Children of KKU Employees

In a proactive move to promote oral health among the children of King Khalid University (KKU) employees, the KKUCOD organized a dental inspection and topical fluoride application program. The event, held at KKUCOD clinics on the AlFaraa campus, aimed to provide comprehensive oral care for the children of KKU staff.

Invitations were extended to all KKU employees, encouraging their participation in this valuable initiative. A total of 14 faculty members, along with 8 students and 2 intern doctors, actively engaged in the program, ensuring its success.

The activity involved complete oral health examinations for all visiting patients, emphasizing thoroughness and precision. Additionally, topical fluoride applications were administered to those patients where indicated, further contributing to their dental well-being.

A notable turnout of 41 patients took advantage of the program, benefiting from the expertise of the participating faculty, students, and intern doctors. The event received positive feedback from the recipients, with an overall evaluation indicating no areas of concern.

The success of the dental health initiative can be attributed to the dedicated efforts of the faculty, students, and intern doctors involved. Their commitment to providing quality oral care has contributed to the overall well-being of the KKU community.

The positive response from the participants reaffirms the success of the program and encourages future endeavors to promote oral health within the KKU community.