Alumni Relations Unit


This unit functions with a vision to sustain a continuing alliance with dental graduates through significant engagement, partnership, and excellence. Its mission is to promote, foster, and enrich a strong beneficial relationship between the dental alumni and the KKUCOD for the greater benefit of the alumni, the KKUCOD, and the community.

  • KKUCOD Alumni
  • KKUCOD present students
  • Dental Community
  1. Promote communication to support the sense of affiliation between the KKUCOD and its graduates.
  2. Establish an accessible electronic database for the KKUCOD’s graduates.
  3. Following up on graduates’ careers after graduation.
  4. Identifying professional needs and providing better training and employment opportunities for all graduates.
  5. Activation of continuing education programs by KKUCOD
  6. Collaborating with different institutions and employers to better achieve the goals of the KKUCOD, and the KKUCOD Alumni Unit goals in particular.
  7. Assessing the satisfaction level of the KKUCOD graduates.
  8. Make recommendations to assist in the operations of planning and organizing the work process in the KKUCOD.
  1. Establish an alumni association for the KKUCOD.
  2. Issuing the alumni guideline.
  3. Provide an official social platform for interaction.
  4. Create a website and social media accounts for alumni.
  5. Conduct an electronic post-exit survey for the KKUCOD’s graduates.
  6. Conduct an electronic survey to identify the professional needs of the KKUCOD’s alumni.
  7. Organize continuing education program courses at the KKUCOD.
  8. Conduct meetings with the main dental employers in the region.
  9. Conducting a periodic social gathering for all alumni of KKU-DENT.
  1. Dr. Saleh Al Qahtani (Head)
  2. Dr. Mansoor Shariff (Member)
  3. Dr. Naif Abogazalah (Member)
  4. Dr. Ahmad Al Malwi (Member)
  5. Dr. Saeed Arem (Member)
  6. Dr. Nasser Alahmari (Member)
  7. Dr. Nada Alamoudi (Member)
  8. Dr. Amal Shaiban (Member)
  9. Dr. Vinod Mathew (Member)
  10. Dr. Mutassim Elnager (Member)