Community Services Committee


The Community Services Committee (CSC) deliberates all relevant issues related to social services within the scope of King Khalid University, College of Dentistry (KKUCOD). The committee reflects institution’s mission and goals of community service through extensive outreach programs that bring quality educational and treatment to those in need of dental care. KKU College of Dentistry has the state-of-the-art mobile dental unit which gives best treatment experience for both patients and operating doctors in outreach programs. It also aims to provide KKUCOD students with practical working experience in different field setups like schools, shopping malls, orphanages, old age homes, children with special needs etc.

Duties and Tasks
  • To organize and execute various community services aiming to promote oral health and hence contribute to the social welfare.
  • To provide learning opportunities for the students to work in various field settings outside KKUCOD clinics.
  • To encourage faculty members to take part in community outreach programs.
  • To meet regularly and discuss updates with all ongoing activities and future plans.
  • To evaluate the program performance by collecting feedback from the recipients of community programs.
  • To maintain records related to all community programs organized by KKUCOD.
  1. Dr. Ahmed AlBariqi (Chairman)
  2. Dr. Hussain AlMubarak (Member)
  3. Dr. Mohammed Fadul (Member)
  4. Dr. Shreyas Tikare (Member)
  5. Dr. Ghada Bahamdan (Member)
  6. Dr. Thuraya Salem (Member)