Academic Coordination between Boys' and Girls' sections

Academic Coordination

This is a newly developed committee that aims to standardize education between male and female sections in the college . Members of the committee are from different departments with different backgrounds in order to get exposed to more opinions and ideas.

Duties and Tasks
  • Study and discuss differences in education between male and female section in the college
  • Working on standardization of environment and methods of education in both sections
  • Supervision on standardizing exams and evaluations in both sections
  • Study and discuss any complaint regarding any difference in teaching between male and female and work on solving it
  • Working on a future plan to standardize teaching in both sections
  • Any task assigned to the committee by the dean and the academic office of the college
  1. Dr. Ghadeer Alwadai
  2. Dr. Naif Abogazalah
  3. Dr. Ahmed Al Malwi
  4. Dr. Malaz Mustafa
  5. Dr. Salma Abubaker
  6. Dr. Asim Elsir
  7. Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim