Institutional ethical review board


The committee deliberates all relevant issues related to scientific research within the scope of KKU, College of Dentistry. The committee's objectives include the initiation, facilitation, integration, and support of research projects conducted by the faculty, students, and research groups. Its purpose is to ensure the presence of an appropriate system that regulates and monitors the quality of research in compliance with the highest principles of ethics.

Duties and Tasks
  1. Register new research ideas aiming to keep the legal rights of the researcher.
  2. To carry out an ethical review and approve the research proposal
  3. To regulate and monitor good research ethical practices.
  4. To report research-related ethical malpractices to the administration.
  5. To issue ethical waiver letters to appropriate research proposals.
  6. To maintain data pertaining to the research proposals approved by the committee.
  7. To execute any other research-related responsibilities devolved to it by the Honourable Dean
  1. Prof. Satheesh Haralur (Chairperson)
  2. Dr. Shreyas Tikare (Secretary)
  3. Dr. Ashraf Khalil (Member)
  4. Dr. Syed Mohammed Yassin (Member)
  5. Dr. Jagdish Hosmani (Member)
  6. Dr. Saurabh Chaturvedi (Member)