Success Story

Prof Nabeeh

Prof. Nabeeh AlQahtani

Dr. Nabeh Al-Qahtani, consultant periodontist and dental implant surgeon received a patent from the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property for a device used to measure chronic gum disease and diabetes at the same time.

The idea of the invention was launched in 2016 AD and work on it continued for two years. The device seeks to reduce the suffering of diabetic patients when they visit the dental clinic. In every visit to the clinic to perform any surgical procedure or any treatment related to the gums, it requires knowing the blood sugar level, using traditional devices that It requires pricking the patient’s finger to obtain drops of blood and placing them on the strip of the device to read the blood sugar level. After that, the dentist begins to examine the gums and tissues surrounding the teeth as a routine procedure using a gum probe, which is a diagnostic tool through which the depth of the gum pockets is known to arrive at a final diagnosis of diseases. gums.

Prof Nabeeh described the invention as a portable device connected to a glass capillary tube with a graduated millimeter scale that can be used once for each patient and helps in measuring gingival pockets, and a screen on the other side of the invention displays the gingival blood sugar level.

He mentioned that he and the work team had approved the idea for the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia in 2018, before the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property was established.