Committee of Supervising College Laboratories


Supervising the laboratories work in KKUCOD to achieve the excellence and pioneering in teaching, training and scientific research in accordance with recent technologies in dental field to serve the community and nation.

Duties and Tasks
  • Supervision of all students, production, and simulation laboratories in KKUCOD.
  • To supervise all cadres working in the college laboratories.
  • Develop plans and raise work efficiency in the college laboratories.
  • Supervising the use of materials and operation of devices in all college laboratories.
  1. Dr. Mohammed Zarbah (Head)
  2. Dr Saud Aboud (Member)
  3. Dr Lujain Aldossari (Member)
  4. Dr Khalid Addas (Member)
  5. Dr Shafyatallah Khatyb (Member)
  6. Dr Asim Elsir (Member)