Dental Internship Program Committee


The committee conducts a monthly meeting to discuss the statutes of dental interns in all aspects of their training, including clinical and didactic activities. Moreover, the committee is responsible for providing opportunities for the dental intern to have external rotation, which enhances their experience by being exposed to different clinical and didactic environments. Also, the committee members work on preparing the weekly schedule for lectures, seminars, and hands-on workshops presented by faculties from all departments in the college of dentistry to help in providing the chance for the dental intern to focus on their specialty of interest and improve their intellectual ability by knowing the latest advances in the field and prepare them for better job opportunities after commencing the internship program at King Khalid University.

Program Introduction

The internship at King Khalid University, College of Dentistry, is a twelve-month program aims at
improving the knowledge and skills of intern trainees in general dentistry. The program prepares
trainees to provide high-quality care with the required guidance from related specialties, provides
them with a deep insight into their future specialty, and allows them to participate in research
projects to showcase their innovative ideas and develop their scientific writing abilities. The
program also provides an opportunity for trainees to participate in community health programs and
stay updated on the latest oral health programs.

Program Vision

The internship program is based on facilitating the transition of the supervised undergraduate
student to an independent dentist responsible for his or her professional audit. It also serves as an
essential buffer period for academics to ensure that university curricula are adequate and
structurally sound. In addition, it exposes trainees to different specialties in dentistry, which may
help them identify their area of special interest in dentistry and provide them with sufficient
information regarding different career options.

Program Objectives
  • To develop and apply concepts and principles acquired in academic curricula through intensive clinical training.
  • To enhance decision-making skills independently while considering professional competence.
  • To develop diagnostic skills for advanced cases and know the appropriate time to refer for consultation.
  • To provide the appropriate environment for dental interns to participate in community projects that provide oral health care in special care hospitals, incarceration centres, and geriatric care centres.
  • To gain more experience incorporating non-clinical skills required of a dentist such as communication skills, presentation skills, and administrative skills, among others.
  • To increase the interest of specialist doctors in participating in research projects and pursuing advanced studies and continuing dental education.
  • To develop the highest ethical standards in professional practice management according to Islamic values.
  • To enhance positive interactions with the patients, their families, and the rest of the dental team.
  • Providing a weekly oral health service to the rehabilitation centre, children with special needs, and Abha prison.
  • Organizing and conducting oral health community services at the Airport walkway, Abha.
  • Dental Interns Scientific Research Day sponsored by his excellency, the rector of King Khalid University.
  • Oral examination and fluoride application services provided during the Dentist’s Day activity to king Khalid university faculties and their families, King Khalid University – Dental clinics (Alfaraa).
  1. Dr. Saeed Abdullah Arem (Chairman)
  2. Dr. Nada Alamodi (Vice chairman)
  3. Dr. Mohamed Fadul (Member)
  4. Dr. Faisal Alshehri (Member)
  5. Dr. Saud Ali AlQagtani (Member)
  6. Mr. Abdullah Saglan (Member and rapporteur- male section)
  7. Dr. Thuraya Gadah (Member)
  8. Dr. Malaz Mohamed (Member)
  9. Dr. Lujain Ibrahim Aldosari (Member)
  10. Mrs. Zohoor Mohammed (Member and rapporteur- female section)